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Mio Dio, just like he had thought, sigh. “I am rather glad to hear that you enjoy this famiglia…” his amber orbs blinked again, “And if it is possible, I would like to pass from causing any damage to the environment,” Giotto wanted to decline the offer to fight, however a part of him was also curious of how strong this man could be, he did trust that he was a suited man to become the cloud guardian, not only attitude, but power too. 

"Hn. I see. You’re just like Sawada Tsunayoshi. Always worrying about others." He chuckled a little. The skylark was slightly amazed at his man. He created a strong group that lasted on for ten generations, possibly more to come. The though of fighting him excited, but he would save that for another time.

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— What character type do people think I am?

  • Tsundere (Harsh Outside-Gentle Inside)
  • Yandere (Gentle Outside-Harsh Inside)
  • Moe 
  • Ditzy 
  • kawaii
  • Meganekko (Girl/Guy-with-Glasses)
  • Tsukkomi (Angry Guy)
  • Boke (Dumb Guy)
  • Nadeshiko (Perfect Wife)
  • Sexy Character
  • Loli/Shota Character
  • Lolicon/Shotacon

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“Hn, a rare creature has showed up.”

“Why hello there, Decimo’s cloud guardian.” The blonde greeted him along with a low bow, creating a welcoming gesture. “It is indeed our first conversation without Decimo around, isn’t it?” A chuckle escaped his lips, a soft one. Not that he was thinking it was funny, perhaps a little, but he found it to be very interesting instead to be able to talk with future generation’s guardian.

The skylark tilted his head at this strange person. He knew who he was, but was slightly confused on how he got here. He remained calm and smirked lightly.

“Yes it is.” He said, crossing his arms over his chest. The man had always wondered if this man was strong or weak. He felt a strong aura emitting from the boss, but a kind overtone as well. It reminded him of Sawada.

His atmosphere really was intense just like Alaude, he could not help but to keep on smiling at the similarity. “Have you just returned from the mission Decimo gave you, signore?” with a tad Italian accent, he inquired the Skylark, surely Giotto tried to avoid him to ask for a fight. 

"Yes. It was a rather fun job. I bit a lot of useless herbivores to death." He said with a smirk, suddenly getting excited about beating people up. The raven looked at the man and smirked. "That man knows exactly what to do to brighten my mood. Even though I am itching to fight you, my urges have already been satisfied~" He said with a slightly dark smile. "Unless you’d like to go a few rounds?"